Wednesday, September 25, 2013

# Home & Decor 03

I got lots of news that you’ll find at The Arcade this month!
Snapshot_001Bed: [*Art Dummy!]
Stacked: -tb-
Little Dogs: Intrigue Co.
Suitcases: -tb-
TAPE bag: Tabloid
Pink Bunny: ::{u.f.o}::
Books: -tb-
Backpack: :pesca:
Cat: Schadenfreude
Horses:  ~silentsparrow~
Boombox: The Secret Store
Snapshot_005 (2)Record Player:  floorplan.
Lollypop: PILOT
Clock Radio: -tb-
Cloud Light: .encore.
Dollhouse Bookshelf: Alouette
Lamp: .encore.
Dresser: .encore.
Snapshot_007 (2)Craft Room: *Second Spaces*
Red box: [ba]
table: floorplan.
mirror: {vespertine}
Mermaid: Culprit
Nailpolishes/Brushes: -tb-
Silhouette Lamp: *bbqq*
Stool: [ARIA]
Snapshot_003 (2)Snapshot_006 (2)Camera Nightlights: Intrigue Co.
WallArt : Sway’s
Stamps: *Second Spaces*
Punches: *Second Spaces*
Memo Board: -tb-
Table: .encore.
Tea Cup: Standby Inc.
Typewriter:  floorplan.
MP3: -tb-
Cage: floorplan.
Telephone: floorplan.
Yellow Stool: junk
Blue Chair: ::HH::
Snapshot_004 (2)

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