Tuesday, October 8, 2013

# Wizarding Faire 2013 ~ Lovegood

I got a mix of news @Wizarding Faire 2013!
This event is based on the Harry Potter movies. With great variety of clothing, acessories inpired in characters. The fair environment is soo similar to Diagon Alley. As a fan of movie I'm in love!
For my first post of Wizarding, I inspired by my favorite character. Luna Lovegood.

Shirt: //Offbeat// (Bonnie)
Scarf: Mr. Poet (2011 Gift)
Earrings: Noodles @Wizarding Faire 2013 (Natalee Oodles)

Outfit: FATEplay @Wizarding Faire 2013 (Damien Fate)
Shoe: Fri.day @Wizarding Faire 2013 (Darling Monday)
Suitcase: Amala @Wizarding Faire 2013 (Crystalny Resident)

Outfit: FATEplay @Wizarding Faire 2013 (Damien Fate)
Hat: FATEplay Gift! @Wizarding Faire 2013 (Damien Fate)
Phoenix: *MishMish* @Wizarding Faire 2013 (Aime Takaaki)
Pocket Watch: Essences @Wizarding Faire 2013 (Sash Arabelo)
Pose/Broom Fall: Heirloom @Wizarding Faire 2013 (Meg Hadlee)

Scarf: FATEplay @Wizarding Faire 2013 (Damien Fate)
Pets: Miamai @Wizarding Faire 2013
Shirt: Peqe @Wizarding Faire 2013
Pants: (Milk Motion)

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